Counseling Services Now Offered at NAHA

Personal Counseling Services (PCS) will begin offering counseling services at the New Albany Housing Authority in June 2013. Services are available to adults, adolescents, children, families, and couples. Clients may pay for these services through Medicaid or through an adjusted scale fee.

If you would like to talk to someone about the stresses of daily life; feelings of sadness, anger, or anxiety; relationship or family struggles; or any other problem you may be facing, please contact Teresa at 812-283-8383 ext. 21 to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be held in the Brown-Starks Building Mondays from 10am through 7pm. Additional days may be added as needed. PCS seeks to offer assistance to all persons desiring to achieve wellness of body, mind, and spirit. We invite you to take advantage of this new service at NAHA.

Stop by the Brown-Starks Building (1200 Bono Road) on Monday, June 3rd between 4pm and 6pm to learn more about these services and enjoy complementary hot dogs!