Welcome to the New Albany Housing Authority

The New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA) was established in March of 1937 and began providing affordable housing to the residents of New Albany in 1938.  Since the 1930's the New Albany Housing Authority has evolved to become much more in the lives of its residents than a provider of a roof and four walls. The Housing Authority provides opportunity for self-improvement and personal growth for young families, senior citizens and those eager to improve their career and life prospects.

Residents of the New Albany Housing Authority have access to:

  • General Education Development (GED) training programs
  • Home Ownership Program for Residents
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Program Assistance
  • Computer Lab Access
  • Access to more than 40 Community Service Providers who provide services in partnership with NAHA
  • Transportation Programs for Senior Residents to deliver Seniors to medical appointments, grocery, etc.

The New Albany Housing Authority's Value Statement:

  • More than $66,000.00 in funds paid to the City of New Albany and New Albany - Floyd County School Corporation in lieu of taxes
  • $0 - The Amount of Local, County and State Funds needed to operate the New Albany Housing Authority
  • $3,000,000 -  The amount of funds secured by the New Albany Housing Authority for Social Service grants since 1999.
  • High Performer Status from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for Public Housing and Section 8 Program Management

Life can be a struggle for almost all of us with the economic conditions and the decline of the extended family support structure. The New Albany Housing Authority is extending educational training, life skills training and family support resources to residents in need.

Riverview Tower Update

September 21, 2018

Earlier today, New Albany Housing Authority Executive Director David Duggins and senior NAHA staff hosted a meeting with residents of Riverview Tower to discuss the condition of the structure after recent mechanical failures.

In July of this year, a plumbing issue led to a fire that caused a catastrophic failure to occur to the electrical systems in the building. The service was partially repaired to provide basic electricity to residents throughout the summer months, and portable AC units were also given to each resident.

As winter and cold weather are quickly approaching, crews are working diligently to repair the part of the electrical system which serves the heat systems. The temporary fix to the electrical system will allow the building to operate through the winter, but it is still not a permanent fix to the wiring system. The current wiring system is old and outdated, and even with this temporary solution, future plumbing issues could cause similar problems with the electrical system unless a full re-wiring of Riverview Tower is completed.

“Our primary concern is the safety and health of our residents at Riverview Tower, most of whom are elderly,” stated Mr. Duggins. “There is still a significant flaw in the wiring system itself, even with this temporary solution. We are in constant communication with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on how best to proceed, and they have advised us that they agree with all actions being taken by NAHA on this matter.”

Scheduled replacement of the second elevator in the building is currently being finalized. Riverview Tower has been operating with only one elevator for some months while crews have worked to replace the second elevator.

NAHA staff will be setting up appointments with residents for Resident Consultations to ensure that their individual needs are met moving forward as options for Riverview Tower are further explored by NAHA and HUD.