Great Work Charmaine!

This month we would like to bring your attention to a young lady who has made numerous accomplishments in the short time that she has been involved in the Family Self-Sufficiency program. Charmaine is a single mom who realized early on that she needed some changes in her life that would create a more positive atmosphere for her and her new baby. Her first step was finding a employment so she started working third shift at a part time job.

This schedule quickly took a toll on her and her newborn baby. Charmaine knew that this was not what she wanted out of life and that she wanted something better for her family. She also knew that she needed an education to achieve her goals. She attended the GED classes we offered at 300 Erni Avenue, and prepared for the test. Charmaine passed the test with flying colors!!! Now Charmaine is completing her C.N.A. certification and is well on her way towards a successful future.

Charmaine is being honored this year at the GED graduation ceremony for her dedication and hard work. We couldn’t be more proud of her!!!

Congratulations Charmaine and keep up the good work!