NAHA measures to fight the spread of coronavirus

Dear NAHA Resident:

The New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA) is committed to doing everything we can to ensure the health and well-being of our residents and staff. The following actions are designed to help keep our tenants, staff, partners and communities safe.

Staying home if ill

· NAHA has instructed all staff who are ill, or have an ill family member, not to come to work until they are symptom-free.

Social distancing

· NAHA is postponing all non-essential meetings and FSS events and programs

· NAHA has temporarily closed the wait list until July 1, 2020, and will therefore not be accepting any applications.

· NAHA is asking residents to conduct business with staff by phone, email or the website to reduce opportunities for the virus to spread. Please contact your property manager or call our main office at 812-948-2319 instead of coming in to the office.


· NAHA has instructed staff on additional personal sanitation practices to ensure they are not transferring viruses to themselves or others.

· NAHA is now cleaning common areas of buildings at least daily, sanitizing door handles, railings, bathrooms, elevator buttons and other frequently touched surfaces.

· Community rooms at all high rises have been closed

NAHA is currently operating on normal hours and has not closed any of its offices except for Family Self Sufficiency. We will notify you if this changes.

The spread of COVID-19 is a public health issue. To stay informed or ask questions, you should contact:

Floyd County Indiana Health Department

We know the COVID-19 virus is causing great concern and want you to know that we share that concern. NAHA is taking the situation very seriously and is closely monitoring developments. We will adjust our operations further as needed and will keep you informed of any additional changes we may make to protect our residents.


David C. Duggins, Jr.
Executive Director