Congratulations Kindra!

Kindra Bailey graduated from Linda’s Public Housing FSS caseload this month. When Kindra came to the FSS program she was working two dead-end jobs. She was in the back area of one place washing dishes with headphones on because she didn’t like dealing with people and would prefer to isolate herself. Now Kindra is working at two jobs that she actually enjoys. Kindra accomplished many goals while on our program. She completed the “Going Places Network” training with Dress for Success (located on Guthrie Green in Louisville). This is a twelve-week course which covers all aspects of applying for employment and keeping a job once secured. They cover everything including doing mock interviews to providing a top-notch interview suit and education on how to complete a successful job search and maintain one’s life after the addition of a job. Kindra also now has a checking account and was able to utilize our escrow program to build up a savings account. Kindra is also seeing a mentor though Choices for Women and has been able to overcome many personal issues and continues to grow.

We are very proud to count Kindra as an FSS Graduate.