Breaking the cycle: Jane's Story

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty with the New Albany Housing Authority and the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.

Case #2 - Jane (real name withheld)

Jane was a single mom, who had only known life in public housing and grocery shopping with food stamps. She was a third generation single mother and the odds were stacked against her to do anything differently. Jane enrolled in Family Self-Sufficiency and soon after got a job. Through case management and life skills workshops Jane began to blossom. She enrolled in college and skyrocketed to success. Jane transitioned from public housing to Section 8 and then completed home ownership education courses so that she could purchase a home for her and her two little boys. The day Jane moved into her house her FSS case managers were there to help with anything she needed – just as they had done throughout her entire time in the program. Jane stood looking at her beautiful house and then turned over her shoulder and said to her case manager, “This is just the beginning.” Since graduating from FSS and purchasing her home, Jane is now in a Master’s Degree program and working full-time. She is now talking to her little boys about the importance of staying in school, earning good grades and how they too will go to college because they live in a community that sees the potential in every underdog out there and works to help get them ahead.