Congrats Ludia!

The FSS success for the month of October is Ludia. Ms. Ludia is a remarkable person. Ludia started as an FSS participant many years ago. She was raising her son and worked for the New Albany Housing Authority on a grant that helped our elderly age in place. Ludia graduated from FSS and seemed to be on solid ground. Unfortunately, the grant ended and so did the job. Ludia then spent several years working short term jobs. She managed to get her son enrolled and sent off to college. After a while she found that she needed the wrap- around supports from the FSS program so she re-enrolled in 2012. Soon after re-enrolling she began working at Wal-Mart, she was happy and started saving money. She saved enough to purchase a car. Ludia had difficulty standing all day and had to resign after 2 years of working at Wal-Mart. So now she was back to square one. But Ludia was not alone. Life throws curve balls sometimes! Ludia just kept moving. Each day she’d come to the computer lab in the FSS office and apply for jobs. She came to the FSS workshops. She volunteered for neighborhood clean-ups, the Fresh Stop Market, and always had a gentle grateful spirit. Well, things have paid off for Ms. Ludia, she is now working part-time with Experience Works in the FSS office as a front desk receptionist. The entire FSS office is a better place to have Ludia greeting all who come in. Ludia is a true success and proves that each day is an opportunity just waiting to be taken.