Congrats Catherine!

CatherineThe FSS Success for September is Catherine. Cat is a very special person. She is a single mom of two children and has always struggled to make ends meet. Cat was in the Family Self-Sufficiency program several years ago. In Cat’s very own words “I was young and not ready to appreciate all the great support and programs that were available to me and my kids. I was just trying to pay my rent and survive. I had to grow up do things my way”. Cat never gave up. She was able to obtain a Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate and get a good local job. As the years went by, Cat never forgot about FSS. She recently reconnected with the FSS department. WOW! She applied and was assigned to Paula, her eager and helpful case manager. This time Cat is more determined than ever. Paula and Cat are working together to achieve success. Cat was just hired on at Floyd Memorial Hospital. This is a dream come true for her. She is now enrolled in FSS and getting ready to tackle credit repair so she can buy a house for her family with the New Albany Housing Authority Home ownership program. Cat is determined to follow through with the goals she has set for herself. She attended a budgeting workshop in August and is well on her way to great things!