Great Job Sabrina

SabrinaThe FSS success for July is Sabrina H. Sabrina is a success for so many reasons! She is a remarkable young lady. Sabrina moved into the New Albany Housing Authority at the young age of 18. She had survived being a teen mom with no place to call home. Many people facing this circumstance would get the keys for their apartment and call it a day. Well not Sabrina. She had goals. She immediately signed up for the Family Self Sufficiency program. In May of 2015 Sabrina met with her case manager at the FSS office and decided that she wanted to complete High School and receive her diploma. One year later Sabrina walked across the stage at New Albany High School and graduated with her class! Sabrina has decided she would like to work in the Medical field. She has maintained employment at a local Retirement home and now plans to enroll in a C.N.A. course. Sabrina keeps pushing forward for her growing family and the dream that she will achieve her goals! Sabrina plans to buy a house with the help and guidance from all her supports at the New Albany Housing Authority. Congratulations Sabrina!