LaErica back on the Road to Success

Hello, my name is LaErica Kelly. I was born and raised in Kentucky. I’m the oldest of four children and I graduated from Waggener High School in 1994. I have a wonderful son who is 20 years of age and who recently made me a grandma! In July of 2010, after five years of struggle, the Good Lord relocated me to the New Albany Housing Authority. In October of 2010 I got a job at the Dollar Tree and was employed there for four years.

In March of 2011, I was introduced to the Family Self Sufficiency Program. I got involved and met Lisa, Linda, Amanda, Stacy and Dee. They all kept me motivated, uplifted and inspired. They encouraged me to attend plenty of meetings that put me back on “the road to success”. Now that I have reached many of my goals, kept a new job and continue to pay my rent on time, I am glad to graduate from the FSS Program and receive my Escrow check. Stay positive, motivated, and believe that God will make it happen. The sky is the limit.