Congratulations Jerica

JericaThe FSS Success for the month of July 2015 is Jerica, a single mom who is willing to go to any length to succeed.

Jerica moved into her apartment without feeling like she had a support system. She said “being a single mother of two, without a job, is HARD WORK” and that joining the FSS program made her feel “like a part of a family.” She was able to get encouragement, support, and the help she needed to start working toward her goals. Jerica jumped right into the FSS program by attending meetings and signing up for a twelve-week program for single mothers. One of Jerica’s first steps was to find a job, but without transportation and childcare she felt defeated. But she didn’t give up and said “the people at FSS took me to interviews and gave me the tools I needed to get the outcomes I wanted.” Jerica just landed not one, but two jobs, and she is ecstatic.

We are also very proud of her hard work. When asked if we could showcase Jerica she agreed and wanted to add “if you are wanting to become a better you….the FSS family is where you should be.”