Monfrida is our latest FSS participant that we need to brag about!

Monfrida is highly motivated and a true FSS success! Monfrida joined Family Self-Sufficiency in June 2012 with a high determination to succeed. Monfrida’s FSS Case Manager helped her lay out her goal plan and she is now working hard to accomplish all she wants in life. Monfrida has attended Daybreak with Northside, she is active with her monthly FSS meetings and always has good input for things she’d like to see happen to improve her life, while always thinking of others. When the FSS department got word that the New Albany Parks Department was hiring for a position we immediately referred Monfrida for the job. She was soon interviewed and then hired. Monfrida says “I love my new job,” and it shows! She is also working toward getting her G.E.D. at the FSS office every Tuesday thru Thursday from 8:30 to 12:30.