Congratulations Amanda!

Amanda is a single mother of four and receives child support about 25% of the time. She was stuck working dead-end jobs that she did not enjoy and where she did not have opportunities to move up. In 2010, she made the decision to join the Family Self Sufficiency program. Amanda kept in regular contact with her case manager and when she became unemployed this past June her case manager told her about any and every job that she might be interested in. She even helped her apply for many jobs – one of which was at a doctor’s office working with medical records. In August Amanda got that job! After she was there for only two weeks she was asked if she would like to be trained to be a medical assistant because of her great attitude and willingness to learn! She is currently in the process of being trained as a medical assistant and after she is fully trained she will be getting a significant pay raise. The skills she is learning are very useful for her future. Amanda said that this is her favorite job and she loves working there because she gets to work with people and she is not in front of a computer all day. She is receiving escrow money from being in the program, working and paying her rent on time!

We are so proud of Amanda and we knew she could do it all along!