NAHA - One Strike and You’re Out Policy

Several years ago NAHA adopted the “One Strike and You’re Out” policy pursuant to HUD’s policy to ensure that those who engage in illegal drug, violent criminal, and/or history of criminal activity are not allowed to live in subsidized housing and thus endanger the well being of the residents.

A quick review of obligations and responsibilities of the residents outlined in the lease will help provide and maintain a safe living environment for all resident families and assures the safety and comfort of all guests and employees.

NAHA will enforce the One-Strike Policy in the event that the tenant, any member of the household, a guest, or another person under the tenant’s control engages in the following:

  • Any Criminal activity that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the public housing premises by other residents or employees of the Public Housing Agency.
  • Any drug-related criminal activity on or near such premises and any criminal activity that happens off the property, that’s in violation of the lease, can result in an eviction.
  • Alcohol abuse will be cause for termination of tenancy if such abuse interferes with the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other tenants.

The One Strike Policy also includes firearm incidents (firearms/shootings). This policy gives the Authority the right of immediate eviction when gunplay or dangerous incidents involving firearms occur on the property.

This policy covers any incident involving a resident, household member, visitor, or person(s) coming to the residence, discharging or brandishing a firearm inside or outside the residence.

Any person charged with violating the One Strike Policy will be banned from all NAHA properties.

Please take time to review the Ban List and if you know of any violator being housed on our property illegally please call the Security/Safety Office at (812)206-2016 or the Anonymous Tip Line at (812) 206-2047.

Tony Toran
Security/Safety Coordinator